Last night we had a YWAM circuit rider party at our church. It was super fun to introduce our kids to YWAM, I think they are all ready to sign up after last night!

My next book is about discipleship and I have long said that biblical discipleship is nearly lost in America. Yet, YWAM and other immersive types of intense training (such as some of our programs at CTS) might still represent a biblical picture of what discipleship meant. More than anything I want to teach my kids what true discipleship looks like.

The theme of the night referenced Isaiah 6:8, the here am I send me passage. I was brought back to my current x44 studies in 1 Peter.

“you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house” 1 Peter 2:5 NASB

So I bet you’re wondering how this verse in first Peter connects to Isaiah 6:8?! You might have to speak Greek to make the connection.

Built up in Greek is oikodomeisthe and is where we get our English word “domestic” and it means literally to build but usually referenced a rock or foundation specifically. We are used to this interpretation with the parable of building a house on a firm (rock like) foundation.  but have you ever actually considered what that meant spiritually?

The way it’s written here is in the present passive tense, that means that something is actively being done to us. In other words it’s not us that’s building the house it’s the The Lord that’s doing the work in and through us; we are simply the tool.

It’s very easy just to say here am I send me. But Isaiah understood the implications when he said it, I wonder if we do? When you consider building something out of a rock it’s much more difficult than building something out of wood or man-made materials. I’m often enamored by pyramid construction & the amount of man hours and time that it took to construct them. We have to take on that same mindset when we consider what God is doing in us here on our journey. He’s willing to chip away the rock, to break here, to cut to polish… maybe even add some miraculous spiritual glue or mortar where we are lacking.

The problem comes in the fact that we are living stones. We have our own mindset when God is trying to mold us. Sometimes we don’t wanna fit in that mold, his mold is countercultural to what we think feels good in our world. The stone starts by saying “here I am” but the stone doesn’t shape itself… the master builder is the one that gives it form and function.

YWAM (DTS) is a biblical view of discipleship because they’re asking people to leave everything & be fully immersed, “all in”, to Jesus. To truly leave the world behind and become molded by Jesus.

Last night this message was echoed in their song “I’ll go anywhere… put me where you want me”

Where you you? Are you trying to tell the builder how to use you? Or are you ready be put anywhere for the kingdom? Your a block in the flock, not the engineer. Let God move! Maybe today it’s time to say to the Lord, “I am a rock. Chip away.” Take on the humility of the calling and be a servant… which leads to true discipleship… all in.

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