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This is the Way is the first book in a three-part series examining what a Biblical Covenant Way of Life looks like based on the Bible and the cultural context the scripture was written in. It challenges readers to reconsider what they have accepted as truth, tradition, and Christianity and redefine their life mission based on a better contextual interpretation of the complete lens of scripture and Jesus’ message to live in His kingdom not the kingdoms of the world. This is the way will be released on December 29, 2021 to line up with the Disney release of “The Book of Bobba Fett.” The title, this is the way is a wordplay borrowed from the Star Wars Mandalorian series and applied to our current culture of western Christianity.

The second Book in the trilogy series will challenge the reader to consider a better understanding of first century Biblical discipleship and what it meant to wholly follow Jesus. It is slated to be released in congruence with the Disney Mandalorian Season three to be announced and released in 2022.




Covenant Theological Seminary

Dr. Will Ryan’s Second book in the “THIS IS THE WAY” trilogy Series due to be released in Early 2023


If you have been around X44 for any time at all you know we talk a lot about CHAOS. The nothingness of the world. This world and everything (everyone) in it are constantly drifting toward chaos and brokenness, it might even be best described as a complete downward spiral. The plan was that we (those…

5 fold Ministry Problems & NAR

If you have been in church (particularly a spirit led or Pentecostal church) for more than a few years you have likely heard of the term “five fold ministry.” In the last 30 years it has become popular to speak of “the five-fold ministry,” as a system of church government with apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors,…

Sabbath + Calendar

Today our pastor delivered a timely message on sabbath. Of course, it sent me down my (usual) rabbit trail road of Biblical exploration. Here are some quotes from my favorite book on rest: “In a culture where busyness is a fetish and stillness is laziness, rest is sloth.  But without rest, we miss the rest…